meBorn and raised in the Crimea.

I have been fond of photography since my youth. For quite a long period of life, the camera lay somewhere far away on a shelf and was taken out only on holidays. When the first digital cameras appeared, my active passion for photography resumed.

At first, I shot only for friends and a family album, but over time, I wanted to learn more about photography, learn how to take beautiful pictures of nature and people. Therefore, in 2010, I signed up for courses for beginner photographers, at the Brig photography school. And soon after completing the course, she came to the Yalta People’s Photo Club. I really wanted to be close to people for whom photography means as much as it does for me. 

In photography, I prefer landscape and landscape photography, I really like to show the beauty of the world around us. After all, often, many, in everyday affairs, do not notice this beauty. The beauty that lies in simple things. Photography for me is an outlet, a window to another world where beauty and harmony reign. I am glad when I can share this beauty with others.

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